Tamarind Kernel Gum: An Upcoming Natural Polysaccharide

Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy,2010,1,1,50-54.
Published:Jan, 2010
Type:Review Article

Tamarind Kernel Gum: An Upcoming Natural Polysaccharide

Gupta V, Puri R, Gupta S, Jain S1, Rao GK2

Departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences, M. M. College of Pharmacy, M. M. University, Mullana, Haryana, 1Punjabi University, Patiala, 2Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy Bangalore, India


Polymers are complex carbohydrates having good mechanical properties for application as fiber, films, adhesives, rheology modifiers, hydrogels, emulsifiers, and drug delivery agents. Tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP) is a glucosaminoglycan derivative extracted from the kernel of seeds of Tamarindus indica Linn., Family Leguminosae. A polymer consists of cellulose-type spine that carries xylose and galactoxylose substituents. It can be used as a binder in tablets, as a mucoadhesive for buccal or sublingual delivery of drugs, in gastro-intestinal targeting as a bioadhesive tablet, and for ocular delivery of drugs for achieving zero-order controlled release. They also act as a carrier for delivery of certain drugs. TSP future perspective is wide application as a promising polymer in pharmaceutical industry as a novel carrier of drugs in various bioadhesive and other sustained release formulations.