Traditional Medicine-based Therapies for Cancer Management

Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy,2019,10,1s,s4-s6.
Published:August 2019
Type:Review Article

Traditional Medicine-based Therapies for Cancer Management

Pathirage Kamal Perera*

Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo, SRI LANKA.


In traditional Sri Lankan medicine, “Pilika” is the main term used to denote cancer. But the terms “Gadu”, “Arbuda”, “Mas vana” are also other names for cancer used in the literature. In Indian Ayurveda concepts, cancer is resemblance with entities of Arbuda and Granthi. Systems of Traditional Medicine approaches are needed to further explore in cancer management to minimize the gap between modern understanding and traditional concepts. Hence a brief review on some of the important features used in Ayurveda and traditional Sri Lankan medicine was given to understand the principles behind cancer management. Further attempt was made in this review to discuss about the etiopathogenesis of cancer described in Ayurveda and traditional systems of medicine in Sri Lanka.