Utilizing Patient Registries as Health Technology Assessment (HTA) tool

Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy,2015,6,1,5-8.
Published:Nov, 2015
Type:Review Article

Utilizing Patient Registries as Health Technology Assessment (HTA) tool

Amit Dang and Veena Shetye Angle

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Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) are gaining importance with support of governments in the Western World. With evidence synthesis and economic modeling gaining in accuracy and complexity, there is an increasing demand to assess the quality and validity of the data used for these studies. In keeping with the trend of the “Big Data” explosion, “Real World Evidence” is being seen as the answer to getting HTAs to the next level of accuracy. Hence there is the need for better tools to document and process “Real World Data”. Registries have been existing for more than half a century now. However; their use was primarily done for epidemiological research. This article discusses how with the turn of the century, registries have evolved from being just portals for enrolment of patients to being highly sophisticated tools for economic modeling and cost analysis. We also discuss the challenges faced in optimal utilization of registries and how they can be addressed by better designing and implementation. We also discuss some policy decisions which have been taken to ensure that registries will continue to evolve and be a very important tool in HTAs.