Heidi Bowie

Department of Ophthalmology, Howard University Hospital, Washington DC, United States of America


  • Short Communication   
    Delivering Care to Patients with Ocular Genetic Comorbidities among Low Vision
    Author(s): Heidi Bowie62386*

    By 2030, the Administration on Aging (AOA) estimates that the number of older adults in US will double to nearly 70 million over the age of 85. It is projected that the fastest growing segment, is 25% of these adults. They will experience vision loss that will severely impair their activities of daily living. For most, low vision embodies visual function deficits, due to acquired or congenital diseases for which apart from therapeutic aids, gene therapy, gene therapy drugs, therapy using stem cells and utilization of electronic devices can restore vision. Further, therapeutic aids include anti-infective drugs, antibiotics for treating visual loss. However, as such diseases cannot be ameliorated by traditional methodology such as eye glasses or contact lenses alone, specialized, combined, and training treatments have to be implemented. Thus, in this study such tr.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.31858/0975-8453.14.9.585-586

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