Khadija Shukaili

Emergency Department, Ibri Hospital, Ibri, Oman


  • Research Article   
    Accuracy of Whole Blood for Bedside Pregnancy Test
    Author(s): Khadija Shukaili62285*

    Objective: Point-of-care pregnancy testing is widely used in emergency departments. Three prior studies demonstrated the accuracy of whole blood compared with urine in bedside pregnancy tests. Our study demonstrates the accuracy of the available point-ofcare kit, which differs from previous studies. The primary aim of this study was to assess the sensitivity, specificity, Negative Predictive Value (NPV), and Positive Predictive Value (PPV) of whole blood in bedside pregnancy tests at three levels of serum beta hCG (5, 10, and 25 mIU/mL). The secondary aim was to get the reading time difference using whole blood versus laboratory serum human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). Materials and methods: Healthy females of 12-50 years old who required a pregnancy test for diagnostic studies or treatment were included in the study. A triage nurs.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.31858/0975-8453.14.7.498-502

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