Qurban Ali

Department of Pharmacy, The University of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


  • Review Article   
    Telomere Shortening as Biological Hallmark of Cellular Senescence and Longevity-An Update
    Author(s): Sara Zahid53537, Fatima Zahid53538, Faisal Gulzar53539, Qurban Ali53540, Ayesha Zahid53541 and Arif Malik53542*

    The process of ageing is the consequence of both genetic and epigenetic alterations associated with metabolic disorders and characterized by mitochondrial dysfunctions generated due to reactive oxygen species. Current reports indicate that cellular ageing or senescence retrograde mitochondrial signaling disorders, telomere shortening, heterochromatin configuration, endoplasmic reticulum strain and unfolded protein responses. Supplemental vitamins, inhibition of cell cycle arrest and controlled expressions of tumor promoting genes p53, p21CIP1 and p16INK4a are robust telomere length longevity promoting interventions and prolong youthful cell functions. This review is aimed to provide an update on the molecular approach mediating the cellular ageing in developmental and programmed replicative ageing cascade with focus on DNA d.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.31858/0975-8453.14.2.125-130

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