Abdelmadjid Bairi

Department of Biology, Badji Mokhtar University Annaba, Hadjar, Algeria


  • Research Article   
    Female Rats Maintain Pregnancy in Shade Immunologic Perturbations Exerted by Harmine and Footshock Stress Attempts to Labor
    Author(s): Rima Benatoui43588*, Abdelmadjid Bairi43589 and Abdelkrim Tahraoui43590

    Pregnancy is a complex physiological state, in which the effect of any stress multiplies its impacts; in this study, we are interested in the effects of electrical stress on pregnant rats and an attempt to mitigate them using an alkaloid. Pregnant rats were divided into seven groups: Control and two treated groups with harmine at 10, 15 mg/kg, psychological stressed group, two foot shocked groups 0, 4 and 1, 2 mA and a treated stressed group. Each group contains three sub-groups according to the stage of pregnancy. Rats have conducted to plus maze test and object recognition test. We marked increased time spent with new object and number of entries in all arms and a significant decrease in food consumption, the Red Blood Cells (RBC), Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Content (MCHC) have increased and a significant decrease in monocytes and lymphocytes after treatment. The number of placenta.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.31858/0975-8453.13.10.711-721

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