Ghazi ME Hussein

Department of R and D-Pharmacology (Collaborative affiliation: Department of Pharmacognosy and Natur, Kyoto, Pharmaceutical University, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto, Japan


  • Research Article   
    Concepts, Current Status, Approaches in Transdermal Drug Delivery System Technologies
    Author(s): Ghazi ME Hussein24101, Babiker M Elhaj24102 and Heyam Saad Ali24103*

    The transdermal patch refers to the medical adhesive area which is kept on a human skin for the transition of a particular drug dosage across human skin to bloodstream. The essence of this activity is to prop up healing to the injured section on the body. The patch allows a controlled release of medication in the bloodstream, both via the porous polymeric membrane film covering the drug reservoir and via body temperature dissolving bony stratum of the medicine rooted in the adhesive or the paste. The film can be either in in form of a solid polymeric material or a residual film. The former form allows a sustained release while the other exhibits a rapid absorption is the leverage which the Transdermal medication technique has over other routes of therapeutic delivery like topical, oral, intramuscular, intravenous and others. Transdermal drug transmission enables steady flow of the dru.. Read More»

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