Sorabh Sehajpal

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Amritsar Group of colleges, Amritsar, India


  • Review Article   
    A Review on Gymnema sylvestre Pharmacognostical Profile and its Anti-hyperglycemic Activity
    Author(s): Sorabh Sehajpal45551* and Neetu Verma45552

    In this review paper we explored the pharmacognostical profile and Anti-hyperglycemic Activity of Gymnema sylvestre. This kind of herbal medications are effective anti-diabetic drugs because they not only enhance glucose and lipid metabolism by increasing insulin release and reducing carbohydrate absorption from the stomach, but they also boost antioxidant levels. Oral anti-hyperglycemic medicines of plant origin (used in traditional medicine) have been the subject of much research. Gymnema sylvestre extract improved the regeneration of the pancreas, liver, and kidney. Gymnema sylvestre has a variety of secondary metabolites, including oleanane, gymnemic acid, gymnemasides (A-F), gymnemic acid (IXVIII) homologue, gymnemic acid A1 and its derivatives, triterpenoidsaponin, alkaloid (Conduritol-A), polypeptide (Gurmarin), and gymnema saponins. This study has pr.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.31858/0975-8453.13.11.761-767

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