Wouter Akkerman

Livit Orthoepdie, Rotterdam, Netherlands


  • Research Article   

    Author(s): Tim Dries53559, Jan Willem van Der Windt53560*, Wouter Akkerman53561, Leen Nugteren53562, Marco Toor53564 and Bram Hentenaar53565

    Objective: Back problems (dorsopathies) are one of the most common locomotor system conditions. Back problems are usually categorised as specific and non-specific back complaints. Specific causes for back problems are hardly ever identified, approximately 90% are non-specific. Back problems lead to pain and reduced functioning. Important symptoms of non-specific back problems are diffuse, nagging pain and reduced physical functioning when carrying out daily activities. The aim of this article is to discuss the results, as reported by the patients, of the current conservative therapeutic treatment of non-specific low back complaints with the use of an orthopaedic corset. Materials and methods: Patient Reported Outcome Measurement (PROM) study of 677 patients on the effectiveness of wearing an orthopa.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.31858/0975-8453.14.2.98-104

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